We help clients to design and develop future-proof, significant and secure digital products that are centered around users’ needs and fulfil clients’ business goals.


 From product strategy to product design to full stack engineering, UbuniWorks handles every aspect of digital product development so your insight and intelligence result in ample reward.


We’ll consult with you to tailor the best solution to meet your needs.


We’ll help design engaging creative assets or you can supply your own.


Our developers and experts are at your service. No coding, no hassle, no problem.


We’ll make sure your solution is properly tested and ready for a successful launch.


We’ll work with you to optimize and improve your campaign going forward.


From strategy to execution, our winning combination of innovative thinking, scientific design, sophisticated development, and ongoing analysis ensure we’re delivering value to help you grow.


Our DevOps team has experience working with various hosting providers. We offer server setup and automation to support delivery across all our applications, and use the most up-to-date tools to enable stable and predictable processes of continuous delivery.

We use the latest tools and techniques to build mobile applications that run smoothly on Android-powered devices. You can rely on us to develop a new Android app, improve your existing one, or port your iOS app to Android.

We offer iOS app development for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Our team can help you create a mobile version of your website or launch a new product on the App Store. After the iOS release, 50% of our clients continue working with us on an Android version of their app.

We’ve built web apps for a variety of business sectors including finance, education, healthcare, and retail. We offer expert guidance and project management all the way to product release. Our team is ready to adapt to your project management procedures as needed.


The main goal of our brand identity service is to create a consistent image of your brand. Brand identity includes logo, key colors, typefaces, and style of illustrations, art, photos, and graphical elements. We also design marketing collateral upon request.

Our graphic design team follows modern design trends. We pick bright colors, select fonts that fight the dwindling attention spans of users, choose authentic photos, and create hand-drawn graphics and icons. Our UI designs are innovative and beautiful.

We employ a variety of methods and procedures to design products that are easy to use and delightful to interact with. Our user experience design effectively communicates the functionality of your product to its target audience.

Before our design team works out visual details, we dedicate some time to getting a sense of the problem you’re trying to solve with your product. We collect all the information we can get and develop a concept that gives us our direction for design.


Specifying requirements is crucial to successful outcomes. We provide technical writing services to create documentation that outlines the scope of work clearly and accurately to eliminate misunderstandings.

Our software testing service is an integral part of the software development lifecycle at UbuniWorks. During the course of development, we perform various types of testing to detect errors and to verify that the functionality satisfies specified requirements.

After the delivery of a software product, changes are inevitable. We provide maintenance services that may include a variety of activities. The most common include error correction, enhancements of capabilities, and optimisation.

We offer code audit and refactoring services for projects that are facing technical issues. For these projects, we provide detailed analysis of the source code, looking for bugs and vulnerabilities, and improve the existing codebase by restructuring it. We make your code better and your project healthier.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables you to manage all common finance processes and information, such as posting financial transactions, preparing financial statements, managing bank accounts, inventory costs, manufacturing costs, and fixed assets.

You can use Microsoft Dynamics NAV to manage all common sales processes and information, such as quotes, orders, and returns. There are also tools to plan and manage different types of customer information and transaction data.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV contains many features that help you gather, analyse, and share your company data.

ERP that looks forward, not backward with proactive and predictive business intelligence tools. Role tailored user experiences helps your people work better, faster, smarter.